My doctor thought I had mumps.

This was back in November last year (2015).  I’d been suffering with a sore throat and what I suspected was a swollen gland for a couple of weeks, and it wasn’t getting any better.

At this point, I should admit that I haven’t been in the best of health for a few years now.  I’m overweight, and have chronic asthma – which usually results in either a throat or a chest infection at least twice a year (March and October are the months to bet on if you’re a gambler).

However, in recent years, my body had decided that a mere chest infection wasn’t good enough.  No, it had traded the chest infection in and upgraded to pneumonia.  And, on special occasions, pneumonia and pleurisy combined.

I’ve been hospitalised four times over the past three years with those buggers!


This was taken during my last stay.  I don’t look very happy, do I?

But, that hadn’t been a problem for almost a year.  My last stint in hospital (once more with the winning team of pneumonia and pleurisy) had been in March 2015.  Since then, I’d been reasonably good at breathing and not needing an ambulance.

Then I got this sore throat, and the swelling.  So, I went to see my doctor (and – for the first time in six years – actually saw my own doctor!)

“It’s mumps!” she said, gently prodding at the lump in my neck.  “I could tell the second you walked in through the door.”

“Can you give me anything for that?”

“No, it will go down by itself.  But, I have to warn you that, because you’re an adult, it will take a few weeks.”

She wasn’t wrong.

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