March 2016

This afternoon, I go to Burnley Hospital to have my stomach tube – or peg – fitted so that I will be able to ‘eat’ once radiotherapy starts. I will […]


In Decenber, 2005, my Mum – Elizabeth Mary Donbavand – died.  And I was there when it happened. She had cancer, and so it’s no surprise that I’ve been thinking […]


Up early this morning to get a bit of writing done before I have to head back to Blackburn Hospital – to a have a tooth removed. Apparently, radiotherapy can […]


Just a quick update today as I’ve spent most of the day in bed – this time due to pain, rather than being depressed.  But, the end result is much […]


3.19am Another sleepless night. I gave up trying to read about an hour ago and now, here I am, sitting at my desk again. The lump has been really hurting […]


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has left comments on this blog, sent me messages via Facebook or email, or have pledged their support via […]


Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the hospital, chatting with Sharron – the Macmillan head and neck cancer nurse – and Lucy, my new speech therapist.  They took me through […]


“OK, doc…  Give it to me straight!” Alright, I didn’t say it quite like that – but I did ask the consultant radiologist at Blackburn Hospital to be honest with […]


“Midnight,” as the great Shakin’ Stevens once sang, “one more night without sleeping…” He knew what he was talking about, did Shaky. I’m doing it again.  Sitting up at my […]