Morphine’s great, isn’t it?

Me and all the little dancing pixies think so, anyway.

I’m joking, of course.

The pixies stopped dancing once the flying badgers turned up.

At least my face and throat doesn’t hurt as much, which is a good thing.  As are all the wonderful messages I’ve been getting from people around the world.  Some from friends, others from strangers.  All very welcome.

I’ve come to realise that people who talk to you about your cancer fall into one of two groups…

A – the people who want to wish you well.

B – the people who want to wish you well by telling you, in graphic detail, about the time their brother/niece/cousin/boss/neighbour had cancer – and the horrendous time they had to endure through treatment and/or surgery.

Still, they mean well.

I need a haircut.


A haircut!  Is it worth the trouble if I’m likely to lose it anyway?

That reminds me…  I still haven’t settled on a style of hat in case that happens.

How about this…


Or this…


Or, maybe even this…


Cast your vote in the comments thread below.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah…

Morphine’s great, isn’t it?

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  1. You’re channelling Fred Scuttle here. The flat cap gets my vote. Your fellow northern monkey, CJ x


  2. For the love of god please not number 2!!!!!


  3. Gotta be the pork pie Tommy….makes you look slightly dodgy


  4. Defo NOT the flat cap. They shouldn’t be worn till you’re at least 60. All the best X


  5. Told you already, a ‘See you Jimmy’ hat is the way forward! That aside, all of them!


  6. The first looks a bit Barney from Blue Peter and even HE eventually gave up wearing it, the third looks hip and happening man, maybe a different logo on the front, I vote number two or B sounds more polite. Don’t bother with the haircut. Someone suggested a stetson. I think that would look pretty darn good. Think sun, wind, rain this Springtime. By summer it will all be over…won’t it? I hope so.


  7. The 1st one Tommy you look like a gangster!


  8. I vote the first hat, my daughters agree, they said that you look very smart 🙂


  9. First hat is a bit too used car sales, second is more ‘gangster moved to the countryside to avoid trouble with the law’ … My vote is for number three, stylish, approachable and approved of my flying pink fairies (and badgers) the world over.


  10. Defo the first one! Love and hugs Xxxx


  11. I’m liking the look with the first hat – the trilby – it really suits you and will go with lots of different outfits. Trilbys come in lots of different shades and fabric designs so you could have more than one for different occasions


  12. Definitely the flat cap. Add a bit of stubble and you’ll look cool.


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