I had a CT scan today.  You see, the consultant doesn’t think that my cancer started out in my neck/throat.  He thinks it began elsewhere, and has spread.

So, I had to have a scan to discover which other parts of my body have been affected.

I’ve had a CT scan before (during my first stay in hospital for pneumonia) and, while not painful in any way, they aren’t exactly comfortable.  You have to have a line put into one of your veins (reminder: not easy when it comes to me), and a dye pumped into your system.  A dye which gives you a hot flush.

CT Scanner

After three failed attempts, the radiographer finally managed to find a vein, and the dye was injected in.  Then, I had to lie back while the CT scanner whirred into life above my head.

I almost cried then.

Not because I was scared of the scan, but because I suddenly realised that this was going to be my life for the foreseeable future.  Whatever the results of this scan are (I find out on Tuesday), it will mean some form of treatment is put in place.  Treatment that will require frequent hospital trips, tests, scans and who knows what else.

My world has changed.

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  1. Wishing you the best for the results. I can only imagine what kind of state of worry and tension you’re in right now. But here’s me, a complete stranger, thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts. Courage, mon brave.


  2. I start my chemotherapy tomorrow. I have a one in four chance of living five years. Not odds you’d bet on. Cancer is shit. It’s funny but I have been quite brave up to now. Now the chemo is about to start, the finality of it all comes into view. I looked at a Porsche today, but just felt empty about it.


  3. Hi Tommy,
    Not sure if you remember me. I was in the year above you at school and was Denry Maichen ( I think) in the school production of The Card. I now live in Australia but have followed you online on and off (that sounds a bit creepy). I just found your blog on Facebook and was reading your recent posts, then I read that you write for the Beano. I already new about the other stuff you write but The Bash Street Kids. I grew up reading the Beano. I thought, lucky bugger, then I remembered what your blog was about and stopped dead in my thoughts. Life is full of good and bad experiences, both big and little. I had a head on car crash years ago and was given a 20% chance of survival. I am still here. My point is that the cancer is something that Is afflicting you at this point. Don’t let it define who you are. Good luck. I hope to be reading your blog when you leave this chapter in your life behind and are ready for the next set of experiences.


  4. In many books I have read the phrase “so it comes to pass”. Hard times aren’t here to stay Tommy, They have “come to pass”. It will be behind you soon, I expect it will be cause to celebrate in years to come, 2016 The year I beat Cancer, will be your toast. I’ll drink to that.


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