Up early this morning to get a bit of writing done before I have to head back to Blackburn Hospital – to a have a tooth removed.

Apparently, radiotherapy can cause problems for any weak teeth, or those with existing problems (although nobody knows exactly how or why), so it’s common for the ENT department’s resident dental surgeon to remove any suspect teeth before treatment starts.

The tooth I’m having removed today is one which received extensive root canal work back in the late 90s.  I remember the situation well.  Not only did the treatment last for several sessions (and was, therefore, very expensive), but my dentist at the time strongly resembled an Indian Robin Williams.

Robin Williams

Somehow that made all the painful drilling that little bit easier.

The dentist I’ll be seeing today doesn’t look like anyone famous (or at least, no-one that I know).  But he was very open and honest about the way my forthcoming radiotherapy is going to essentially kill my lower jaw – but that it will take years to die.

He also pointed out two baby teeth on my dental x-ray which have remained in place because I had no adult teeth waiting beneath them.  That’s three baby teeth in all, as Robin Williams had to remove one of those 20-something years ago, too.

After my appointment, I’ll be heading back to my desk to crack on with work.  I want to try to get as much writing done as possible before I feel either too ill, too tired, or I’m in too much pain to sit at my desk for any worthwhile period of time.

Finally, thank you to all my latest patrons for their pledges.  I am truly humbled by your kindness and generosity.  You will be receiving your first pieces of exclusive content soon.

UPDATE: My appointment had to be postponed at the last minute as my mouth was too swollen and sore for the tooth to be removed.  It’s now all happening this Sunday, 3rd April, at 7am!

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  1. This is interesting about the link between radiotherapy and dental problems. It’s obviously something that has been discovered over the last 10 years as I had 6 weeks of radiotherapy and now have terrible problems with teeth and gums. I’m pleased that they are treating this as well as everything else on the list. Virtual hugs.


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