April 2016


Holy crap in a bucket! The long-promised side effects from the radiotherapy have all shown up on the doorstep at once, and they’ve brought a few friends along for the […]


So, that’s week two of my chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment over! R10/20, C2/4. I almost didn’t make it to the hospital today.  We woke up to find out that it […]


Another day, another radiotherapy session down.  R9/21. I met a woman at the centre today who was there for her final RT session after fifteen solid weeks of treatment.  Fifteen […]


My second day of chemotherapy today, followed by another radiotherapy session… C2/4, R8,22.  All is well. We arrived at the cancer unit in Preston to find ourselves sitting next to […]


Another session of radiotherapy today.  R7/23. As ever, Kirsty was by my side to keep my spirits up, hold my hand when she saw I needed it, and generally teasing […]


I’ll be honest with you – I spent much of today circling the drain.  And that’s despite yesterday’s incredible show of support from book bloggers, readers, authors and just about […]


Something incredible happened yesterday. Something amazing. I logged on to my computer at around 10.30am to notice a flurry of activity on Twitter around my name.  Digging deeper, I found […]


OK, in an effort to keep this live and honest… It’s 5.19 am, and I’ve just woken up with a killer headache and some sort of goo bubbling out of […]


So, that’s the end of my first week of cancer treatment. R5/25, C1/5 I really don’t want to tempt fate, but I feel fine.  Not as good as I did this […]


It was my fourth radiotherapy session at the Rosemere Cancer Foundation in Preston today. R4/26 I was feeling tired and run down following yesterday’s inaugural chemotherapy treatment, but a visit […]