Something incredible happened yesterday.

Something amazing.

I logged on to my computer at around 10.30am to notice a flurry of activity on Twitter around my name.  Digging deeper, I found repeated references to two particular phrases: Tommy’s Army, and the hashtag #tommyVcancer

These phrases spilled over to other social media outlets, such as Facebook – which was where I finally found out what was going on.  It was all down to the brilliant Viv Dacosta – who has amassed a brave gathering of bloggers, book reviewers, authors and publishers to engage in a blog tour all about my books!

You can find out more about the project here: Tommy’s Army

Viv's website

Viv and the crew worked tirelessly to keep the hashtag #tommyVcancer trending on Twitter for over five hours during the day!  It was all I could but watch as visitor numbers grew on my blog, and more and more messages of support flooded in.

So, thank you Viv!  Thank you everyone who took part in this, and who will take part in the forthcoming blog tour.

There haven’t been many days recently when I’ve set at the computer and grinned – but yesterday was one of those days!

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  1. That’s fantastic! All that support behind you, it’s great to see people are spreading the word 😀


  2. It was an absolute pleasure! We have lots more ideas and will keep on spreading the word. I could not have done it without an amazing team of people who selflessly gave up their time to help. Keep fighting!


    1. Viv – I’m so overwhelmed by all this. Thank you! x


    1. I saw that Nicola! Thanks so much! The card you didn’t send would have been perfectly fine, too. I can’t say I’ve ever checked, but I’m guessing ‘get well’ cards don’t specify either the type or seriousness of the recipient’s illness for good reason.


  3. How wonderful. What a lovely surprise. Now there’s something to lift your spirits. Wishing allthebest for this weeks selection of treatments. I’ll think of you and how brave you’re being when I’ve got to have 2 teeth out at the dentist. He said last time that if the first one comes out in the first five minutes he’ll grab the one next to it as well. Lots of soluble paracetamol. Keep strong especially at 3am. That’s the hardest time. Virtual hugs


  4. What can I say? Thank you all so much for your endless support and kindness!


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