OK, in an effort to keep this live and honest…

It’s 5.19 am, and I’ve just woken up with a killer headache and some sort of goo bubbling out of my stomach peg hole.  I’ve cleaned that up, and have some painkillers dissolving in a bottle of water next to me as I type.

I knew this feeling OK thing was too good to be true.

I didn’t have soup for dinner tonight.  I’m getting fed up with it.  So, Kirsty made me some very mushy mashed potato and a couple of fish fingers.  They were painful to eat, but I was determined to get through them.

After dinner I watched a bit of TV, then went to bed to read.

No, that’s not entirely true…

After dinner I decided I wanted a glass of whisky.

Just a drop, over a couple of ice cubes – both to celebrate the end of my first week of treatment and the fact that I managed to finally finish my new book today.

But, there’s a bit of problem I probably should have mentioned in my last post…

The stitches in my gum have finally melted, but they’ve left a hole.  Remember when the hospital dental surgeons told me they could look through the spot where they had removed my tooth and see the end of my left sinus: Bang!

I was planning to tell the doctor about this at my first weekly review on Monday, just before my daily radiotherapy session.  I know it will mean more gum stitches – which I’d rather not have, but hey ho.

As a result of this, whenever I’ve had a drink today, some of it has swished up that hole and dribbled out of my left nostril.

Which is not the end of the world, when it’s water.

But ice cold whisky…

Holy Mary, Baby Jesus and all the little saints!!!

Kirsty found me hopping around the room, clutching at my face with a piece of kitchen towel and howling.

Please believe me, there are certain liquids that should not go through certain body parts in certain directions!

So, forget the whisky bit.  I didn’t really go anywhere (although the rest of the glass went down the sink).

Tying again…

After dinner I watched a bit of TV, then went to bed to read.  I alternately read and dozed until the early hours when I got up to watch a video in my office to avoid disturbing Kirsty any longer.  I’m not sure what time I staggered back to bed, half asleep – probably around 2-ish…

Until just now.  I woke up with a jump, realised my stomach was wet, and then the pain made certain to introduce itself.


The tablets have dissolved now, so I’m going to take them (via a drinking straw so they go the right way around my head), and then go back to bed.

I really hope these past few days haven’t led me into a false sense of security, and this is how I really should be feeling after my first week of treatment…


The right way around!

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  1. Hope this was just a hiccough and you’re learning all the time what you can and cant do at the moment. Take care hugs. X


  2. Maybe it was just a bit of unfortunate reaction to the solid food and tiny bit of whiskey? If you’ve not had solid food very often lately your stomach might have gone “The hell is this?” And reacted. And the headache maaaaay have been from the alcohol however small. But hey here’s hoping the good things keep coming instead!


  3. Sending lots of positive thoughts to you x


    1. That was the part that had me in tears, Kathryn!


  4. I have just started reading your blog. It is obvious how much you are loved in the writing community and how so many people want to support you through (and out the other side of) this horrible time – I am going to buy some of your books and am really looking forward to reading them and reviewing them. I hope that today is a better day for you.


    1. Thank you, Anne. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered since this thing turned my world upside down, it’s how many amazing friends I have – both online and in life in general.

      Hope you enjoy the books!


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