I received a ‘phone call this afternoon from the cancer centre at Preston Hospital.  It went something like this…

Is there any reason you didn’t attend your planning appointment with us this morning?

Er…  Because no-one told me I had a planning appointment.

Yes, we did.  We sent you a letter.

Nope, didn’t get that.

Really?  What’s your address?

It’s this…



We’ve got the wrong address.

Oh.  Which address do you have?


What?!  That was the house I grew up in.  I haven’t lived there for over 30 years.  My Dad sold that house 10 years ago after my Mum died.

Oh.  Where did we get that, then?

I’ve no idea!

Give me your correct address again.

Sure, it’s this…

Can you come in tomorrow?

Yes, no problem.

Great!  Your radiotherapy treatment begins two weeks today – on Monday 18th April.


So, I have a date for my treatment to start.

Monday 18th April 2016.

In Preston.

I really hope they can target high-energy x-rays better than they can letters…


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  1. Good luck Tommy mate. You did make me laugh with that final comment! Haha.
    Thinking of ya pal.x


  2. Still laughing!
    “I really hope they can target high-energy x-rays better than they can letters…” I hope so too!
    Sending healing, supportive energy to you from Canada.


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