I’ve had a LOT of pain around my stomach peg today, and that’s what is keeping me awake tonight.  I’ve just taken 15 ml of morphine, and I’m waiting for it to kick in.


The hole (for want of a better word) where the peg goes in is red raw again, and is starting to ooze with pus (sorry!)  I finished my antibiotics today for an infection there, and I’m staring to wonder if I may need an extended course.

I can also feel a lump inside my stomach, just above the hole (access point?  wound?) and that’s where most of the pain is radiating from.  I’m starting to worry that something is wrong – but that could just be the night time talking.

My tube was blocked earlier today.  The sterile water I use to flush it just wasn’t going in.  So, we had to use the syringe to give it a bit of a boost, which did the trick.

Kirsty called the specialist peg nurse this afternoon and left messages, but we didn’t get a reply.  There’s a 24 hour emergency number to call, which might be our next move.

Going to lie down again now and let the morphine do its work.  I’ll post an update later.

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  1. You shouldn’t have pain from it so ring that emergency number for advice. Odd really that people seem to fall into 2 categories – either the ones who dial 999 because they’ve run out of aspirin, or the “tis but a scratch” type when their arm is dropping off. Perhaps you’d have been happier to dial it earlier if they hadn’t called it an “emergency” number but a “bit of a problem you’re not sure about and don’t know who to ask and it’s too painful to wait till the morning” number. I know – a Ghost busters number, “who are you going to call?”.

    Sorry that got a bit waffly – I hope you get it sorted out soon and, as usual, we’re rooting for you.


  2. Please, do call the emergency number! That’s what they are for!


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