So, that’s the end of my first week of cancer treatment.

R5/25, C1/5

really don’t want to tempt fate, but I feel fine.  Not as good as I did this morning, when I almost felt great.  Then, today, the radiographers decided to target a new area of my cancer, so now I have some level of swelling and pain all over again.

Right now, I’d say I feel OK.

I’ve been checking out some of the statistics involved over the last few weeks, and they make quite interesting reading (who said this blog wasn’t sexy?)  Check these babies out…

Days since diagnosis: 36

Days since diagnosis really sinking in: 22

Days since diagnosis causing breakdown: 17

Weight lost since diagnosis: 13lb

Hours of sleep per night since diagnosis: 2 to 4

Number of appointments since diagnosis: 19

Number of days since treatment began: 5

Miles driven to and from hospital this week alone: 300

Parking fees paid at hospital this week alone: £22

Number of posts written for this blog: 47

Total number of blog visitors: 35,651

Average number of daily visitors for blog posts when things are going well, and I’m reasonably chirpy: 400

Average number of daily visitors for blog posts when I can’t sleep, am depressed, or crying: 1,600

Best example of this: Parking blog post, 5th April – 3,373 visitors

Extra number of readers I’d get if I’d written this post while upset in the middle of the night: 2,000

Number of patrons currently pledging on Patreon: 88 (thank you!)

Number of schools emailed to tell of new creative writing Patreon deal: Over 5,000

Number of new patrons signed up as a result to creative writing Patreon deal: 2 (thank you!)

My level of gratitude for all the contact, support and help you amazing people have given me since this nightmare began: Impossible to measure!

Joking aside, I’m SO thankful for everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog, read my ramblings, comment on them, share them with online friends, and send me emails of support and advice.

It’s almost impossible to believe that, as treatment has now started, the end could be in sight.  The end of one of the scariest, world shattering, fast moving experiences of my entire life.

And thanks to you guys, I didn’t have to face it alone.

You’ll never know hows much I appreciate that.


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  1. I wait every day now for your posts!


  2. Like the graph, onwards and upwards, good sir…


  3. It’s so great that you’re able to look at all these positives! Honestly the kind of stuff you’ve been going through seems terrifying and reminds me of how much I fear one day getting cancer myself, but your bravery sense of humour and general positivity through most of this is truly commendable. I’m sure we all hope it continues that way!


    1. Thanks, Hannah. Writing these posts is certainly helping to keep me feeling sane. It’s very therapeutic.


  4. Sending you some well deserved ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️’S!!
    Tommy, I seem to remember a friend of mine getting a Parking Permit when we took her to Rosemere for her treatments… It’s defo worth an ‘ask’ isn’t it!


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