Please pass this information on to any teachers, librarians and even any parents you may know.  Thank you!

The average income of a professional, full-time writer in the UK is just £11,500 per year.  Not a lot, is it?  We’re not all at the JK Rowling level of earnings!

As a result, a good portion of any author’s income comes from visiting schools, libraries and book festivals to run workshops and give talks.

Thanks to my cancer diagnosis, I’ve had to cancel ALL of my existing bookings for this year, and I’m having to turn down any new requests.

I lost around 50% of my earnings overnight – and that’s hard to deal with.

Plus, I know I’m letting hundreds, if not thousands of pupils down by having to shut down my events calendar.

Thanks, cancer!

However, I’ve come up with a scheme where everyone wins…

You may already know that I have signed up to a service called Patreon ( It’s an American site, but open to anyone. Through Patreon, you can pledge to pay an amount of money per month and receive exclusive content in return.

Some people make videos, or compose music. Others paint pictures or shoot photographs.

I’m going to teach creative writing!

I’ve now set up three dedicated schools levels on my Patreon account – one at $15 (around £10) per month, one at $43 (around £30), and one at $214 (£150).

If you or your school pledges one of these amounts, you will receive a ton of unique, never before seen creative writing content for your pupils or children.

Here’s what you get for that money…

For $15 (£10) per month, you will receive…

  • A selection of at least 10 different story starter sheets in various genres, ability levels and linked to either school topics or seasonal times of the year. Print them off, hand them out and your pupils will never have to face the fear of the blank page ever again.
  • I will provide worksheets on my writing topic of the month – such as ‘Brainstorming Ideas’, ‘Creating Characters’, ‘World Building’, ‘Developing Plots’, ‘Realistic Dialogue’, ‘Finishing The First Draft’, ‘Rewriting Techniques’ and many others.
  • A handful of fast and fun writing exercises that can take as little as ten minutes to complete. Each exercise will be specifically designed to sharpen your pupils’ storytelling skills and help them to become better writers.


For $43 (£30) per month, you will receive ALL of the above, PLUS…

  • Detailed lesson plans to help you run my workshop topics in your own classrooms. It will be almost as if I’m right there with you!
  • Techniques designed to expand your pupils’ creative writing into other areas of the curriculum, such as drama, music, history, art and more.
  • I will cover other areas of writing, such as poetry, scriptwriting, flash fiction and more!
  • A surprise of the month. This could be a short story, a poem, a video, or even a task for your pupils to undertake!


For $214 (£150) per month, you will receive ALL of the above, PLUS…

  • I will provide INDIVIDUAL feedback on stories for up to TEN of your pupils. It will only take a few months for me to cover the entire school – then we start again at an improved level of writing.
  • I will answer all your pupils’ questions in a personal email, upgrading to an exclusive video when I’m able to talk again after my radio and chemotherapy treatment.
  • I will give you a discount on a LIVE author visit once I’m back on my feet!


Should you wish to get feedback for more than ten pupils per month, please contact me for a price.

I can also create BESPOKE writing workshops, based on a topic of your choice. Should that be of interest to you, please get in touch.

If you’re NOT connected to a school, you can still receive unique writing advice and help for as little as $1 (70p) per month.

For more information, please visit

So, that’s it! I’m working hard to find a way to provide for my family, and keep pupils entertained and busy during my illness.

Please share this link as widely as you can.  It all helps.

Thank you!


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Like many children's authors, the large portion of Tommy's income comes from holding speaking events and writing workshops in schools - two things he is currently unable to do. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Tommy is still delivering great writing advice - and lots of other stuff, too - via Patreon. From just $1 (about 70p) per month, you can get access to this completely exclusive content AND help Tommy through this difficult time. Sign up now!  Just click on the button below for more details. Your inbox will thank you for it!

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  1. Tommy do you think you could also do one of critiques for adults? Might that be possible ?


    1. I think that’s a great idea, Kathryn. There are lots of adults who hope to write for younger people, and Tommy has so much expertise and talent. He would be great at this.


  2. Tommy, Stephen King set up The Haven Foundation for this kind of catastrophic event. Maybe they could help? Worth a look.

    Good Luck with everything!


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