I’ve just sent out the first emails containing exclusive content to my kind supporters on

They are all wonderful people!

As you may have read elsewhere on this blog, the average wage of a full-time UK author is just £11,500 per year.  We’re not all celebrities who get shelf space in supermarkets and vast marketing campaigns or budgets!

To supplement our incomes, we visit schools, libraries, book festivals and more to teach creative writing, talk about our work as authors, and inspire a love of reading for pleasure – something vital for every child if they are to grow up with a wide and open knowledge of the world around them.

Fiction makes sense of life.

Because of my cancer, I’ve had to completely shut my events calendar down.  If you were hoping to see me at this year’s Bath Children’s Literature Festival, or the Edinburgh International Book Festival – my apologies.

In an average year, I visit upwards of 70 schools.  Those events have all had to be cancelled, cutting my income in half in one go.

My doctor’s estimate for my returning to school visits after what is likely to be a lengthy recuperation period is sometime in the first half of next year.

At the very worst, I want to be back on the road visiting schools by World Book Day in March 2017.

In the meantime, that leaves me struggling to support my family.  I can still write – for the time being at least – but everything else has gone.

Which is why I set up an account at

Through Patreon, people can pledge as little as $1 (around 70p) per month and, in return, they will receive exclusive written content from me – direct to their inboxes!

The pledges rose slowly – $5, $10, $15, etc. – plus I’ve just added three brand new levels exclusively for schools – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The schools content will be sent out tomorrow.  But, if you’re kindly pledging at any other level, here’s the content you will have received this evening, depending on your level…

  • Gloves of the Ghoul Keeper – a book of Scream Street short stories.
  • 13 Steps To Beating Writers’ Block – my guide to keeping you writing.
  • A set of 13 Scary Story Starter Sheets – a quick way to put pen to paper.
  • Hot To Plot – an article written to help you plot your new tales.
  • Writing For Boys – a look at the particular needs of reluctant readers.
  • Bedtime Gories – a complete book series proposal, showing you how they’re done.
  • How To Promote Your Books Online – set up an author website.
  • How To Promote Your Books Using Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Books With A Letter Missing – a fun ebook containing the best entries to a literary Twitter game I ran.

Gloves of the Ghoul Keeper

Not bad, eh?

You see – I really don’t want to be a charity case and just accept donations (although they are gratefully received via the PayPal link at the top right of this page).  I would much rather provide you with unique content in return for your help.

I’ll be adding to the piles of goodies each and every month.  If you would like to find out more, just click here:

Thank you.

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Like many children's authors, the large portion of Tommy's income comes from holding speaking events and writing workshops in schools - two things he is currently unable to do. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Tommy is still delivering great writing advice - and lots of other stuff, too - via Patreon. From just $1 (about 70p) per month, you can get access to this completely exclusive content AND help Tommy through this difficult time. Sign up now!  Just click on the button below for more details. Your inbox will thank you for it!

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  1. Brilliant, thanks Tommy. That’s the beginnings for my next thirteen books sorted. I know you’re a bit under the weather but if you could fill in the middle and ends as well it would be much appreciated!

    All best wishes, as per.



    1. Ha! Sorry about that Martin. I’ll get onto it, right away! 😉


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