Today’s radiotherapy session was R20/10.  I am now at the end of my fourth week of treatment.

And I feel a lot more positive about things than I did at this point last week.  Yes, the final two weeks are promising to be the worst of the lot – but there is now an end in sight.

And that’s what I’m aiming for.

After which, the tricky business of recuperation begins.

I’m told that, for the first two weeks post treatment my side effects will remain, and possibly worsen.  But, after that, I should be on the up and up each day.

I can’t wait!

Nor can I wait to enjoy some proper food again.

Just because I can’t eat doesn’t mean I don’t want to.

I’ve started staying in my office while the family eats together.  Not because I don’t want to be downstairs with them, but it just depresses me!  They’re having chicken this evening.  Chicken with potatoes and vegetables.

(Insert Homer Simpson drooling sound effect)

I’ve got caramel milkshakes on the menu tonight.  Not that I’ll taste them at all.

Kirsty has decided to get me a NutriBullet, so that we can experiment with making fruit and vegetable juices that can be administered via the peg.  It’s another way of taking vitamins and minerals on board – and may not make me feel quite so sickly as the milkshakes do.

I want cheese and crackers.

I love cheese and crackers.


Right, back the blog post…

Many, many thanks to the awesome George Kirk for running me to hospital and back today – a trip during which she encountered a sudden tyre pressure alert while on the M65 (and, spookily, while explaining about the last time this had happened).

While I was being blasted with invisible health, George nipped to a nearby garage to get it checked out.  Thankfully, it turned out to just be a switch that needed resetting.

My brilliant sister, Sue, is on driving duty for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week, followed by my good pal, Alison, on Thursday and George again on Friday.

I really can’t thank everyone enough.

And I really have to thank Isaac and Stanley for the amazing image below!  They are the sons of Rachel, one of the nurses who looks after me on the chemo ward.  It turns out they’re big fans of Scream Street on TV, so I took a couple of books in for them last week.

Great to see Roger the Dodger making an appearance alongside Billy Whizz!  But, can you solve the puzzle they made for me on the left side of the page?


Now comes the weekend.  Lots of rest is planned for yours truly, and I plan to crack on with the rewrite of my new book.  It will be a great way to take my mind off more troubling matters, and have fun in the process!

As ever, thank you for reading and sharing these posts.  They really help me to get my thoughts down in order, and I’ve been getting so many lovely messages from people who say they enjoy reading them.

Which leads me to a question…

I’m thinking of compiling the entire blog into a book.  An ebook at first, with a print version possibly to follow.  It will feature all the posts, plus some extra, new stuff that would be exclusive to the book.

If I were to create the book version of Tommy V Cancer and sell it via Amazon perhaps for £2.99), would that be of interest to anyone, do you think?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’d buy it. You inspired my daughter when you visited st John the Baptist school padiham and this blog has been so honest it’s also an inspiration


  2. I think a book is a brilliant idea. Your blog posts are an inspiration with your brutal honesty of all that you are going through. Sign me up for a copy. xx


  3. Think your collected blogs, together with any additions you choose to put in, would be an inspiration for anyone else going through this. Plus I think the strength and courage you have shown throughout this whole horrible business – as well as your wonderful sense of humour – is inspiring. It really does put things in your own life into perspective.


  4. I think you should. I would buy it and recommend to others. You have a wonderful way with words, a real gift you should be proud of.


  5. Hi Tommy I think that a book is a great idea. It would help so many people in the future. I’d buy it..


  6. Absolutely, Tommy. You should put it all in a book. Your courage and fighting spirit is truly inspirational. Laced with your special brand of humour, your posts are a joy to read, despite the horrors of your treatment.

    I’m sure such a book will be a huge help to others having to go through the same thing.


  7. I was just thinking when I was reading this that a book of your stories about the long and winding road to becoming an author would be a fab read, and yes, I think making a book of the blog is a great idea. I’d definitely buy it!


  8. I’ve been thinking for ages that you should take this blog and make it into a book. Your humour in the face of such adversity is inspirational. Do it!


  9. I think it could be a best seller, Tommy. Go for it!!


  10. So glad to hear that you are feeling more positive Tommy! Great news and that’s another week done. Thinking of you often.
    Have you tried a nut milk in the shake? Lots of good fats ( vit E is very healing) and more calories than just juice but maybe not a squeasy -making as dairy. You can buy but milks or better still make your own fresh version using nuts and water in the nutibullet then straining through a nut milk bag. You should be able to buy a bag in your local heathfood store, if not email me and I’ll send you one.
    Lots of love
    Moya xxxxxx


  11. Yes to blogs into a book. I have valued your ability to say it like it is but also tempered with questions or concern for others…capturing it now while fresh is important because as time passes the brain naturally blurs the edges of such realities…once you are out the other side of this, having processed it a bit more, it will be great to see how it feeds into your writing for young people.


  12. Definitely do the book Tommy! I’d buy one and I’m sure it would be a huge seller for so many reasons: inspirational, informative and humourous.
    I have a Nutri Ninja Auto Q blender – it’s absolutely awesome and blends anything in 40 seconds – I would hate to be without it and use it just about everyday. A great way to get extra protein, plus other goodies and flavours inside you.
    Keep battling!


  13. I know I’m just another voice in the thrall of people who are so thankful that you’re writing this, and I going to sound like a truly dreadful person for why I’m thankful, but know I mean it with the best of intentions.. Thank you for a healthy reality check. I’ve been going through a bit of a medical mystery for the past maybe 10 months. We think we may know what’s going on with me now but I have been very low and very very obsessed with my pain, my medications+side effects, and now it’s limited my life. But you’re changing that. I just binged your entire blog in 12 hours because you’ve reminded me that there is still a world outside of the house, that I’m not in any real danger, and that I’m very very lucky. I can remove my offending organ, it cannot spread to my brain, and it can easily be over in two months with the only lasting side effect being that I shouldn’t eat fried butter (and to be fair, no one should). It’s dreadful that you’re going through this, it’s hard to imagine much that’s worse. But there is a bright side. You’re bringing hope to other warriors against the disease. You’re being the voice of other cancer patients who aren’t writers and couldn’t ever articulate the pain, let alone do it with humor. You’re preparing people for the future (every relative outside of my Immidite family has had cancer, I know it’s going to happen to me too once I hit about 45). I know thousands of people have said all of this, usually better written and more elegantly. Even so, here is one more voice cheering for you, thankful for what you’re doing, and eagerly hoping you get better.


  14. I’d but it and be proud to share any links – I love this post so much – the community feel of it, Tommy, I feel like you’ve brought us all together!


  15. A book is exactly the right way to go. This level of honesty is an eye opener and will surely help others going through the same thing. X


  16. When you’re finally able to eat again you better reward yourself with all your favourite stuff! 🙂 And the book sounds honestly like a really great idea! It’d be a great thing for people to both support you a little more financially and to use the book for themselves or loved ones who might be taking on the battle against cancer. You’ve got a great mix of both the brutal honest truth about cancer and some reassuring positivity in between.


  17. Yes to the book! And keep looking forward… Those crackers and cheese are going to taste very good (maybe not straight away, as your taste buds could take a little while to come back). Incidentally, it might be worth getting your thyroid levels checked out afterwards. My husband felt very low after treatment ended, and found out the radiotherapy had affected his thyroid gland. Now he’s on thyroxin and everything’s fine. The end is in sight!


  18. Of course it would be of interest we have all enjoyed your blog and your amusing anecdotes on life. We have all shared the ups and commiserated with the downs and bbeen there for you every step of the way. Keep on keeping on. Hugs and love x


  19. I’d buy your book too, Tommy.

    Isaac and Stanley, not only do you have fabulous names, but you write great puzzles too! Does it say “Hope you get well soon”?

    All the best for the remaining treatments, Tommy. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter every day.

    You talking about Stanley and Isaac had made me think of two little boys I know who read a lot. I’m going to order them some Scream Street books from Amazon. Thanks for the idea!


    1. Found a box set of Scream Street books on Amazon so I’ve sent them that! Didn’t know that was even a thing!


      1. It’s been out for a while now. Great way to collect the set!


  20. Yes to the book! I’ve thought that ever since I started following your blog about a month ago. Brilliant writing, so honest and readable, despite all you’re going through. Think about you lots. Keep strong Tommy xxx


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