Well, my voice has finally disappeared.

As of today, I can whisper hoarsely, or make wild inappropriate gestures that get across what I’m trying to say in no meaningful way whatsoever.

It’s quite weird.

There’s just nothing there.

Plus, I’ve been warned that when my voice does return, it might sound completely different.

If that’s right, can I pick what I get?

A quick note out to the universe: I’d prefer James Earl Jones to Jamie Oliver.

Just saying.

Or, rather, not saying.

But my speech (or lack thereof) is not my real reason for posting.

No, that’s because this is coming your way…

The #TommyVCancer Blog Tour

Organised by the incredible Vivienne Dacosta, this tour will read and review books written by yours truly for the ENTIRE month of June – with most days featuring two separate websites!

How cool is that?!

Check out the official guide to the tour, here…


I’m told there will be prizes to snatch up along the way (keep an eye on the tour for details as I don’t have all the info – yet!)


Just wow!

THANK YOU so much to Viv, all the bloggers and everyone who plans to follow along and read about the books I’ve written.

I’m overwhelmed.

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  1. If you get a choice of voice Tommy definitely go with Sean Connery!


  2. Just want to help get some people on team Tommy <3

    Sean Connery would be pretty sweet as a voice…


  3. Not heard from you for a few days… bit worried! Hope you’re doing as well as can be given your shite circumstances. Hope you can give us an update (however brief!) as soon as possible xx


  4. Sending you some ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️’S and hoping all is going ok. X


  5. Hope it’s all done and dusted now Tommy and although you’re going to carry on feeling rough for a bit as the radio does its job at least there’s no more driving to Preston every day which must’ve been exhausting.
    Just picture that radiotherapy blasting the cancer as it does its work.
    My nurse told me radiotherapy may be an old fashioned treatment but it’s very effective and works well.
    Sending good vibes, good wishes and hopes that you soon begin to feel a bit better. Small steps every day. 🙂


  6. Hi Tommy, missing reading your blog posts but realise you must be going through the worst right now. Keep on zapping that cancer and remember there’s lots of people thinking of you. X


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