Loooooong day!

The good bit… That’s sessions C5/1 and R23/7 complete.

Seven days of treatment to go.


The not so good bit…

My sister ran me to the chemo ward this morning, although I can’t say I was particularly chatty during the journey.  I had another dreadful night last night with a combination of throat and mouth pain, and the seemingly unstoppable tsunami of gooey crap that wants to issue forth.

I can’t wait for this to be over.

It’s starting to get me down and, as I’m spending much of the night up and alone at my desk, I don’t want the dark thoughts to start circling again like birds of prey.

Evil, nasty birds of prey with cold, dark eyes and shark beaks.

And excellent excrement targeting abilities.

I’ll have to be careful.


Many of you may know that finding a vein in which to insert a cannula isn’t exactly an easy process where I’m concerned.  And, of course, chemo can’t begin until that has happened.

Today was the worst of the lot.  Several attempts in – including one that stung like a nazi wasp licking acid from a thistle – and a plan was concocted.

“We need to heat your hands.”


“Your hands.  If we heat them, it can sometimes help the veins to raise up and show themselves.”

“Oh, OK.  How do we do that, then?”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this…

Hot hands

I sat for twenty minutes looking like an albino Pingu while the nurses hurried off to deal with other patients and left me to bake slowly under a medium heat from the fingers down.

But, it did the trick and – half an hour later – I was all cannulad up and ready to go.  My first bags of fluid – anti-sickness drugs and detoxing flush – were set up…

…and I fell straight to sleep.

In fact, I dozed in fits and starts for most of the day.

I had hoped to get some work done, but they’d only been able to connect the chemo to my right hand, which meant that had to stay perfectly still.

Ah well.

Fast forward five long hours, and I was free to go.  Well, to go downstairs and have my radiotherapy session.  I was on a machine in a different lab for that today, although I’d met two of the three radiographers there before.

Gripping stuff this blog, isn’t it?

Finally, my sister ran me home where I now sit – staring at the two lovely yummy disgusting sickly bottle of nutrient-rich vanilla milkshake that I know I have to flush down my tube before I do much else.


Although…  Kirsty got me a NutriBullet this week.  She’s going to make some high energy juices for the peg (and eventually, my mouth) to make sure I continue taking all the right vitamins and minerals on board.

Do you have a favourite juice/smoothie recipe?  Something that gives you a boost when you need it?

Any hints or tips for using the NutriBullet?

If so, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

In the meantime, I’m off for a lie down where I imagine I’ll dream of myself as the Vanilla Ice of the penguin world…

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the updates! Following them with great attention, I’m amazed you’re able to blog and that’s awesome. Smoothies…. I don’t know if they’re the right vitamins, but my favourite healthy one has avocado, lots of spinach, frozen raspberries and some milk or water to make it liquid. The great thing about frozen raspberries if that they mask the veggies and make anything taste icy and fabulous. If you can’t taste a lot at first when you’re drinking through your mouth, ginger might spice up smoothies a bit.

    Good luck, dude; you’re awesome. xx


  2. My first thought was “scratch mitts for adults”!!!

    Seven days isn’t long either ….

    And I wouldn’t worry about writing/being awake in the day/sleeping at night; sleep when you can , write when you can ; take it a day at a time and you’ll get there.

    As for smoothies, think the green ones are meant to be best – my daughter’s just got a NutriBullet and that’s what she reckons … you might also want to look at athlete-type supplements as a lot of those are protein-rich and full of nutrients.


  3. Keep going man! You can do it 😀
    My favourite smoothie to make at home has bananas, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and milk. It normally turns a really bright shade of pink too!


  4. When I have difficult long nights I listen to stories and episodes being read to me on Radio 4 I player.
    I’ve just had Cold Comfort Farm and several episodes of Jeeves and Wooster and also Rumpole of the Bailey. As you see, I choose things that have high quality but no disturbing scary or anxiety inducing moments because no one needs those at 3 am. There are some Anne Tylers to listen to also. You have to select reasonably carefully because the idea is to find something soothing…


  5. I am thinking some Bovril in the NutriBullet would be nice indeed. Perhaps laced with a fine port.


  6. Be careful with blueberry smoothies, you have to cut the little stem bits off the top, or when you blend it it will leave grit in your smoothie. I’m not sure about the nutrabullet, though, it may filter seeds and stuff out? Now I’m craving a smoothie


  7. my favourite smoothies involve ripe banana, coffee (the more coffee you add the less sweet it becomes), coconut milk (or almond or cows milk if you prefer) and if I want extra protein I add peanut butter too.
    Spinach is incredibly nutritious (and makes every shake very bright green) but I have to add something sweet ( such as mango) to make it tastier as spinach doesn’t seem to have a strong flavour.
    I love avocado, celery and any other veg you want to add. Frozen cherries or fruits are good too but they can make the shake quite thick. There are lots of online recipes for shakes on Google that you can experiment with. I add various spices to add flavour and goodness such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, etc.
    Be adventurous and add flavours you like – if you don’t like it try something different next time.
    Keep battling X


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