Apologies for the radio silence these past few days.  Tuesday’s radiotherapy – R12/18 – and Wednesday’s chemo – C3/3 – and radiotherapy – R13/17 – completely wiped me out.

I tried to write a couple of blog posts after returning home, but I was so drained I simply had to head straight to bed.  Besides, the only thing I could think of to write about were the ins and outs of artificial saliva – but using the stuff turns my stomach.

No, thinking about the stuff turns my stomach, using the stuff causes the contents of said stomach to spot a vague glimmer of hope for escape the wrong way down my peg.

I just couldn’t do it to you!

The postman brought something rather lovely today – a Scream Street card and a gift from the wonderful people at Walker Books – on the front of which, Resus has appeared to morphed into someone else entirely…



Thanks so much to everyone at Walker Books for their kind thoughts and messages!

Yesterday’s chemo session was a nightmare!  The first bad experience since I first started with them.

My nurse for the day was in charge of a side room containing a chair and a bed.  I was first in for the day, so I picked the bed figuring I could always catch 40 winks if I got bored eating or watching movies on my iPad, etc.

I did more than that!

I slept fitfully for almost the entire five hours of chemo!  It must have been the lack of sleep finally catching up with me.  I didn’t intend to snore the day away, but I was zonked!

Fair enough, you might think – you need the sleep, you take it.  But the set up for the day wasn’t easy.  It took four tried to get my cannula in, after which a nurse brought up the prospect of putting another temporary line into my body.

This one would be a cannula which the doctors would use to draw blood and feed in my chemo drugs from now on. It would fit under my left arm and stay there until my treatment was completely over.


Keep talking…

Then she pulled out a prosthetic arm to show me how the line they fed in wouldn’t just go under my skin.  In fact, it would connect to a longer tube which would travel across my chest, then turn down to reach my heart, and-

Wait a minute!  This would lead directly into my heart?!

Yes, of course.

I’ll struggle on with the regular cannulas.  Thank you.

At another point during the day, the doctor came to see me to check up on how I was coping with my pain medication.  She seemed to think I was taking too much at intervals that are spaced too far apart – so, today I’ve started taking fewer doses, but more regularly.

Gripping stuff!  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Today’s radiotherapy session  – R14/16 – went smoothly enough – although it didn’t help the brand new batch of ulcers that have erupted along the sides of my tongue as a result of yesterday’s chemo (ow!)

There was a brief discussion as to whether I would need to have a new mask fitted as I’m still losing weight, and the original isn’t quite as tight nor snugging as once it was.  But, in the end, the radiographers decided to continue with this mask for another week and take a look at it then.

So, tomorrow I reach the end of week three.  The mid-way point in my cancer treatment.  In some ways the time has just flown by, whereas in others…

Oh!  One more thing to show you before I sign off.  Take a look at this incredible picture I received today from Alec, aged 7.  It shows me, literally kicking cancer’s butt!


Thanks Alec!  How cool is that?!

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  1. Alec’s drawing reminds me a bit of the Dalek mutant from the Doctor Who episode “Dalek” by Robert Shearman! Which is exactly how I’ve been picturing it… I have no idea if that helps you, but keep battling on and keep doing this splendid blog. Exterminate cancer!


  2. That picture is amazing! Great work, Alec. I love that you’re wearing a championship belt with the initial T on it.

    Halfway, man… You’ll breeze through the rest.


  3. Fabulous picture Alec! Future artist in the making there I think!
    And what a gorgeous card from Walker Books. They obviously think a lot of you.
    Now then – tomorrow you will be on the downhill slope to the end of treatment. Half way. That’s quite some achievement. It all feels so much more doable on the second half. Like the second half of a footie match where you scored in the first half. Just – keep on keeping on. “KBO,” as Churchill said.
    All the best to you for a straightforward Friday.
    Oh – did you try soaking your arm in warm water before they put the drip in? That can help them get the needle in the vein better. They do have arm warmer things like electric blankets. But the one I used went missing.
    Maybe you could take a hot water bottle?
    Good luck and good vibes. 🙂


  4. Great card from Walker Books! Your positive attitude is a tonic to all who read your blog. Stay strong xx


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