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First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I know lots of you have been desperately awaiting news, but my recent travels have made it difficult to write a blog post.

So let’s get straight to the good news: Tommy is no longer in the critical care unit! I’ll be honest – it was touch-and-go for a while, and doctors couldn’t say that he was going to pull through, but Tommy came back swinging, and has improved considerably over the past week.

He’s not out of the woods yet, though. Today is his 13th day in hospital, by my count. His lungs took a turn for the worse a couple of days ago, and he currently needs oxygen through a mask to let him breathe. He is, of course, getting the best possible care from the doctors, nurses and support staff at Blackburn Hospital, and his family are constant visitors to his bedside.

Incredibly, Tommy has kept his sense of humour throughout the whole horrible experience. This was the photo he shared earlier in the week, bemoaning the fact he no longer has a room to himself and has to put up with other people around him.


Meanwhile, your kind comments and donations have taken his breath away (which is a bit risky, given the circumstances), and he has asked me to pass on his gratitude. As his wife, Kirsty, can’t drive, the taxi to and from the hospital is costing well over £100 a week, so every penny you’ve so generously donated has been very much appreciated.

I’d like to do a very quick, informal survey before I go. If, when Tommy’s a bit better, we were to compile the blog into book format, along with some additional content, and make it available to buy as an ebook (somewhere around £2.99-ish), would that be of interest? Like most of you, I’ve read Tommy’s posts with everything from delight to horror, and I feel putting it all out as a book would be a great way of gathering it all together, while boosting Tommy’s income.

Leave a comment below if you’d be prepared to buy a copy, and I’ll see what we can do!

As ever, if you’d like to support Tommy and his family during this horrible time, click the Donate button below, or pledge support via

Another of Tommy’s friends, Alison Lawrence, is raising money for Tommy by taking part in what sounds like a pretty harrowing 5k obstacle race. Through mud. You can find out all about the challenge, and how to back her, on her GoFundMe page.


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Like many children's authors, the large portion of Tommy's income comes from holding speaking events and writing workshops in schools - two things he is currently unable to do. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Tommy is still delivering great writing advice - and lots of other stuff, too - via Patreon. From just $1 (about 70p) per month, you can get access to this completely exclusive content AND help Tommy through this difficult time. Sign up now!  Just click on the button below for more details. Your inbox will thank you for it!

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  1. Hi Barry,
    I’d buy a copy. Just let me know how and when! Take care. Thanks for the updates. Love to Tommy, Kirsty and the boys xxx


  2. Without a doubt Barry, count me in x


  3. We’re also doing a Dr Who book for Tommy (everyone knows what a huge fan he is), with his blessing. Lots of Dr Who stories for kids and adults alike by some of the biggest names in the genre, all happy to give of their time and talent to help a lovely man out in a time of need!

    We’re hoping to have the book available in August, but it can be pre-ordered here, with all profits going to Tommy and his family.


  4. I would definately buy a copy.


  5. Totally! Count me in. Sending lots of love xx


  6. Without a doubt – great idea!


  7. It’s such a relief to hear that you’re doing a bit better Tommy! We’ll all be wishing you a swift recovery.


  8. I’m writing this with the theme tune of Scream Street going on in the background…(it’s certainly a ear worm and I keep finding myself singing it!).

    As Scream Street and Fangs books have got my daughter (reluctant reader, age 8) reading…of course I would buy the blog.

    We love the photos of Tommy bemoaning the fact he now has to share a room…but are you certain that the Great Disgusto hasn’t rematerialized and paid him a visit?

    Keep on fighting Tommy.


  9. I would definitely buy a copy.


  10. I’d buy it 🙂

    Glad to hear you are doing better Tommy x

    Thanks for the update Barry x


  11. So glad Tommy is improving. Thanks for updating us Barry. 🙂


  12. Of course, I’d definitely buy a copy!


  13. Tommy – so glad to hear you’re improving 🙂

    I’d definitely buy a book! xx


  14. I only just discovered this blog and I am glad that Tommy is doing better now.

    I am a cancer survivor myself, I had a really bad time with chemotherapy so I know how rough it can be, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I would certainly buy the book to help Tommy qnd his family.


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