An Overdue Update

Hi all,

Apologies for not updating you on Tommy’s condition in a while. While I’d love to say that everything fabulous, unfortunately I can’t. Tommy isn’t having a great time of it right now, although his sense of humour is helping him get through it.

Since I last updated the blog, Tommy was sent home from hospital – hooray!

Aaaaand then taken back in next day – booo!

It looks like he was discharged a little too early, and the pneumonia caused him severe breathing difficulties during the night at home. Fortunately, Kirsty was able to get him an ambulance, and he was placed back on the ward.

Since then, things haven’t been plain sailing. He took a tumble and fractured a rib. He’s developed some sort of deeply unpleasant stomach bug. He was placed on a ward with a violently angry Glaswegian dwarf. You know – the usual.

Due to the stomach situation, he is now being isolated in a single room. Remember what I said earlier about his sense of humour?


There’s no word of when he’s likely to get home yet, as he’s just not well enough at the moment. Once he does, there’ll be the little issue of the cancer scan to go through to find out what the situation is with that. Hopefully, he’ll have pounded the bugger into submission, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking about donating and haven’t yet got around to it, please do! Tommy is now on Day 26 in hospital, and the costs of Kirsty getting in and out to visit him are really mounting up. Anything you can contribute is very gratefully received.

Myself and a few others are now putting together Tommy’s next Patreon update, so those of you who support him on there should be seeing stuff coming through in the next couple of days. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and hopefully Tommy will be fit and well enough to get back in the Patreon saddle (if you can imagine such a device) next month.

As ever, please do feel free to leave comments below. Tommy tries to read all of them, and I know they really brighten his day.

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  1. Honestly Tommy are you on some sort of one man mission to break the NHS? Seriously it’s good to hear from you even vicariously (ooh, big word and I bet I’ve used it incorrectly!). As usual my thoughts are with you and your family. H


  2. Thank you very much for your ‘overdue update’! We’ve been checking regularly hoping to find some news.
    Sending best wishes and ⚡️⚡️⚡️’S to you and the family!


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