Back in Hospital

Hi all,

Barry here again. Sorry it’s been a while since the last update. A lot has happened since then – some of it encouraging, some of it not so much.

Tommy got out of hospital after over a month, and was moved to a hospital bed at home. His condition seemed to be improving steadily, and after shoving a camera up his nose and down his throat, the oncologist couldn’t see any sign of the cancer!

A few days later, Tommy began coughing up blood, and has now been admitted to hospital again for further tests. The tests are still ongoing, and so Tommy doesn’t know yet what’s causing the bleeding, but the doctors believe it is coming from his lungs, which obviously isn’t good news.

It has now been five months since Tommy was diagnosed, and he hoped he would be well on the way to recovery following his treatment by now. Sadly, for every step he takes forward, he takes another step back, and it’s taking a real physical and emotional toll on him, as well as on his family.

Tommy wasn't entirely sure how to follow these instructions
Tommy wasn’t entirely sure how to follow these instructions

Like most of you who either knew Tommy before all this, or who have come to know him through the blog, I feel completely helpless and wish there was some way I could get him get better. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do on that front.

What we can do is help ease some of Tommy’s financial burden. He has now been unable to work for several months, and bills have steadily mounted up during that time. The donations he has received, along with the Patreon sponsorship, etc, have slowed the rate at which he and Kirsty had to eat into their savings, but now those savings have all but gone, and they’re both terrified about what will happen next.

If you’re in a position to be able to donate even a tiny amount to help Tommy through this difficult next few weeks and months, that would be amazing. Seriously. You’d literally be changing his life. You can click the Donate via Paypal button below and send any amount you can manage. It all helps tremendously.

Alternatively, you could also click the link in the box below this post to become a Patron and support Tommy with a monthly donation which will give you exclusive content produced either by him or myself and some of his other writer-type friends.

Finally, after everything he’s been through, Tommy has managed to keep his sense of humour. That’s partly been thanks to readers like you leaving comments and sending messages of support, so if you have some words of encouragement for him, please do leave them below. In return, I promise to bring you more news on Tommy’s condition much sooner this time.



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Like many children's authors, the large portion of Tommy's income comes from holding speaking events and writing workshops in schools - two things he is currently unable to do. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Tommy is still delivering great writing advice - and lots of other stuff, too - via Patreon. From just $1 (about 70p) per month, you can get access to this completely exclusive content AND help Tommy through this difficult time. Sign up now!  Just click on the button below for more details. Your inbox will thank you for it!

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  1. Barry thank you for the update. I have been following this blog. Hope he improves, love his humor.


    1. Hi Barry it has bee awhile since we have heard how Tommy is doing, hope he is well, please let us know.

      Thank you


  2. Tommy, Kirsty and the boys… you absolutely will get through this! It must be so terribly hard at this particular time, but one day – hopefully very soon – this will be behind you and life will feel sweeter than ever. Hang on in there… you are getting there and there is good news amongst the set-backs – the balance will shift in your favour soon. Lots of love and strength to you all, bless you. We’re all out here cheering for you! 🙂


  3. Hope Tommy is improving – was thinking of him as in a week’s time it’ll be six months on from his diagnosis.
    Hope you’re hanging in there Tommy, and on the up. And Kirsty, sending hugs to you too X


  4. Still thinking of you Tommy and sending good vibes and good wishes to you Kirsty and the kids.
    Hope you are comfortable and able to get some quality rest.


  5. All best wishes to Tommy and family for a full and fast recovery. I am a school librarian in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and have just added copies of all his books to our collection. I am sure the boys are going to love them.


  6. Hi, Tommy spoke a few years ago at the Glasgow Aye Write festival. He was engaging, funny and loved by me (the teacher) and my class of 10 year olds. Having just googled Tommy with a view to inviting him to my school, I am devastated to hear his news.

    Can I extend my thoughts to Tommy and his family from a teacher who was touched by his wit and passion for literacy.

    Get well soon.


  7. Wishing Tommy and his family all the very best. I’m a school librarian in Preston and had the pleasure of two visits to our school from Tommy which were enjoyed by pupils and staff alike. I have been undergoing cancer treatment myself since February and we were briefly in touch at the start of our journeys. I know I found strength from the support and good wishes of so many lovely people and I’m sure it is the same for Tommy. In some ways it is even harder for those close to cancer sufferers and I send my love and prayers to Kirsty and his sons that they can keep strong for him. Very, very best wishes to a lovely man.


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