The Scale of Things

One of the side effects of the cancer and resulting treatment is that I’ve been unable to eat properly for quite some time. In fact, the last time I had a meal by mouth was on 1st May.

Nearly eight months ago.

All I’ve had to eat since then are NHS provided milkshakes via my stomach peg.

I’m SO fed up with milkshakes!

They come in an assortment of flavours (not that I can taste them), and eat provide essential vitamins and nutrients plus 300 calories of energy.


That’s not to say I haven’t tried eating normally.  I underwent a swallow test at the hospital a few weeks ago and given the go ahead to start eating solids again – but it’s just too painful.

I’ve tried thin soups, bouillon, Bovril and watery chicken and vegetable stock.

Too painful.

I’ve tried baby food, runny eggs and finely cut up pieces of meat.

Too painful.

And so, I’m still on these blasted milkshakes!

And the worst part about it?


The food Kirsty makes for herself and the boys smells so utterly delicious, and on the odd occasion when they’ve ordered a takeaway to be delivered…


As it is, I’m now looking forward to a Christmas dinner that Kirsty will blend in the Nutribullet so I can pour it down my stomach tube. Liquid turkey, potatoes, sprouts and parsnips.

And I REALLY miss cheese!


Still, there has been one positive result from sticking to such a strict liquid diet for so long – the weight loss.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was at my all time heaviest.  I’ve been overweight for much of my adult life but, at the start of this year, it had reached the stage where my weight was out of control and very dangerous.

I never used to admit this to anyone, as I was ashamed to do so. But, I weighed in at 22 stone 4 pounds (141kg or 312 pounds).


And I felt it. Day to day activities were difficult, I was out of breath all the time, I suffered from sleep apnoea, and I looked a mess in my 4XL or even 5XL shirts and 56 inch trousers.

Then I found out I had cancer, which probably saved my life.

As of today, I weigh 11 stone 1 pound.

I’ve lost just over 11 stones – or half my entire body weight.

I’ve had to buy new clothes. My shirts are now XL or 2XL (depending on the make), and I’m in 38 inch trousers.

And – aside from all the cancer stuff – I feel great!

Of course, losing so much weight in such a short period of time is not recommended by any medical professional. And I wouldn’t suggest ‘The Cancer Plan’ as a diet routine for anyone.

But it has, quite possibly, saved me from an early death.

Talk about irony…

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  1. Bless you, Tommy for making us grin at such an unpleasant thing. You certainly have a way with words!


  2. Oh Tommy – your courage and ability to make us laugh is amazing!


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