Mirror Mirror

After all the build up about my trismus appointment last night, nothing really happened today. I saw a registrar as the specialist is on holiday. She examined me, then said I need to make an appointment to come back and see the specialist when he returns.


It also appears I may have ‘meralgia paraesthetica‘ – where a nerve that runs from the spine to the thighs becomes trapped. The symptoms are bizarre, with the main one being burning thigh skin. That started a day or two back. It’s usually caused by being overweight, or wearing restrictive clothing but, in a few situations, it can also be caused by severe weight loss.

*sigh* *again*

I took the attached photos yesterday in the full length mirror of a disabled loo (first time I’ve ever taken pictures in a bathroom – honest), and you can see that the cancer and treatment has caused me to shrink like a deflated balloon and has gifted me a severe stoop.

*double sigh*

I look like a badly wrapped bag of spanners, which is why I try to avoid mirrors as much as possible. I HAVE to put on weight, but that’s nigh on impossible to do by pouring milkshakes, soup and blended meals down my stomach peg. I NEED to be able to eat as quickly as possible, and I’m hoping that this trismus treatment – however unpleasant – will help me to do that.

On the plus side, I’m a dead cert to be cast as Skeletor in any future Masters of the Universe films.

On the down side, I now have to walk around in the shower to get wet and, if I go outside when it’s windy, I twang.

Thank you all for your kind words and lovely comments last night; you really helped me to understand that I’m not alone. I have hundreds of friends around me – many of whom I’ve never even met. It makes a big difference to your frame of mind.

*no sigh*

I’m now settling down to write some Bash Street Kids scripts for this year’s Beano annual. So, consider me a much happier Tommy today. (er… what’s the opposite of a sigh? Ooh, I know…)


PS – why did no-one tell me I have a massive, oversized head?!

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