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None of you asked for it, but I did it anyway…

You can now get official Tommy V Cancer merchandise!

Among the products available are t-shirts (TVC-shirts?), mugs, clocks, bags, notepads, stickers and more – all emblazoned with the amazing artwork from the front cover of the Tommy V Cancer book, courtesy of the legend that is Nigel Parkinson.

So, if you want to spread the TVC word and help raise awareness of head and neck cancer, click on the link below to browse my page on Redbubble and see what you can find. Scroll down beneath the t-shirt and choose ‘Available Products’ to explore.

Every sale earns me a small commission payment, which will go a long way towards helping me to replace my lost income and keep providing for my family. Thank you.

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Like many children's authors, the large portion of Tommy's income comes from holding speaking events and writing workshops in schools - two things he is currently unable to do. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Tommy is still delivering great writing advice - and lots of other stuff, too - via Patreon. From just $1 (about 70p) per month, you can get access to this completely exclusive content AND help Tommy through this difficult time. Sign up now!  Just click on the button below for more details. Your inbox will thank you for it!

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