Pipped at the Post

A short while back, I received an email from a journalist working for the Lancashire Evening Post – the daily local newspaper for the west of the county (including where I grew up). I’ve been featured in the Post quite a few times over the years – mainly in my early days of working on cruise ships and acting – but, this time, they wanted to write a piece about my battle with cancer, and the resulting blog and book.

I had to be interviewed by email as my voice still isn’t up to much, but I managed to get across how I felt when I was first diagnosed, and how I’m coping with the after effects of my treatment now. I included a couple of anecdotes from the book, and that was it.

The story was published in Monday’s edition of the Lancashire Evening Post, although I didn’t know as the paper doesn’t cover the area of Lancashire where I now live. However, seeing the article prompted Debbie – who was the year below me at school – to get in touch. She was kind enough to take a snap of the article, and I’ve included it below. You should be able to click on the image to make it large enough to read.

It’s wonderful to see that, after all these years and being featured in the LEP many times, they’re still spelling my surname wrong!

UPDATE: I contacted the Lancashire Evening Post earlier to ask about the possibility of getting a copy of Monday’s edition. As I didn’t want to sound as though I was complaining, I didn’t mention the mis-spelling of my name. They’ve just replied with:

“Hi Tony, yes – it was in Monday’s LEP…”


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  1. I swear it’s a nationwide local newspaper policy to misspell as many names as possible. This has happened to me many times, too. With a name like McGuire the only guarantee is that the person writing down your name will spell it an alternative way to you.




  2. Thanks for sharing, Tommy you are truly inspiring. My dad was recently diagnosed with metastic melanoma and has started to write his own blog in the hope that it might bring some comfort to cancer patients and their loved ones: https://how2livewithcancer.blogspot.ie. Cancer is such a horrible disease that touches so many people. It’s so important to have blogs like yours that bring so much support and inspiration to people. Thank you.


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