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Still no word back from the hospital concerning the results of my recent PET scan, so I’ve got my head down and I’m writing hard in an effort to distract my imagination, and stop myself from worrying.

Although, I’m not sure why. Kirsty tells me not to worry about things all the time, but she simply doesn’t understand that worrying works!

A good 99% of the things I worry about never happen!

I worry in order to keep everyone else safe.

You’re welcome.

So, while I wait for that call from the hospital…

Many of you will know that I began this blog when I was first diagnosed with inoperable, stage four throat cancer in March 2016. Once I’d been through my courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and survived the resulting after-effects, I adapted the blog as a book called Tommy V Cancer.

Tommy V Cancer brought my story right up to date, and included tons of extra material written especially for the ebook and paperback release that hadn’t been on the blog.

One of my favourite parts of the book is the incredible cover art, created by the legend that is Nigel Parkinson. Among many other strings to his bow, Nigel is the artist behind Dennis and Gnasher in the Beano, and I really couldn’t have wished for a better cover.

Here it is in all its glory…

Please don’t forget that you can order your copy of Tommy V Cancer by using one of these links…

UK:   US:   OZ & NZ:

BUT, if you work for the NHS in ANY capacity, please send me a message, and I’ll send you the ebook version for free.

When I discovered the cancer had returned, and announced it online, I decided to relaunch this blog and considered the possibility of adapting the second part of my story into a new book – Tommy V Cancer: Round Two.

And just look at what Nigel has drawn for that…

I’m SO thrilled with this cover! Not only does it feature me giving cancer another good going over, it shows me as I look now – slimmer, and with a trim beard! Plus – and make of this what you will – the main background shade, teal, is my favourite colour!

I’ll be able to share further details as and when I know them, but it will be happening at some stage. Tommy V Cancer: Round Two will be available as both an ebook and a paperback.


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Despite Tommy's pride and dislike of holding out his hand for charity, his friends have somehow convinced him to set up a Just Giving page as a way to help support his family as he heads into cancer treatment for the second time.

If you can spare anything at all, please consider donating. Every penny will go towards lifting a huge weight from Tommy's shoulders. His ability to work is about to be limited again, and he is very worried about how he can support his family over the coming weeks and months.

You can find out more or donate here:

Thank you for your time.

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