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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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Enterprise concept

Good morals carry goods and enrich the four directions.

Enterprise vision

Pursue extraordinary quality and create classic fashion - a product vision

Advocating enterprising, seeking innovation and creating real estate miracles -- business wish

Jingji accumulates Runde's nuclear power and creates a century of brilliance - development vision

Enterprise mission

For customers, build an ideal home and create a quality life; Plan your career for employees and add color to your life; For the society, take the initiative to take responsibility and enrich the four sides.

Enterprise values

In dealing with the world, take morality as the foundation, pay attention to integrity, act steadily and advocate innovation; Management, people-oriented, efficiency oriented, concept first and fine; Building a family is quality-oriented, professional, well positioned and classic.

Enterprise strategic thinking

Systematic thinking and strategizing;

First strong, then big, step by step:

Focus on nuclear power and professional leadership:

Fine standardization, innovation and winning;

Industrial combination and risk prevention.

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