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What is the future prospect of flufenoxamide?

  Flubendiamide was discovered by Japan pesticide Co., Ltd. in 1998 and developed jointly with Bayer since 2001. It is a kind of phthalamide compound. Like chlorfenoxamide, fluorofenoxamide also acts on the fish nicotine receptor of insects. Its birth was [全文]


Florfenicol works well with what drugs?

  Florfenicol is commonly used to treat cough and wheezing in pigs. For example, when pigs have pleural pneumonia and mycoplasma pneumonia, florfenicol and Maxing Shigan injection can be used for injection. For severe cough and wheezing in pigs, florfenic [全文]


Four effects of florfenicol on animals

  Florfenicol is a monofluoro derivative of synthetic thiamphenicol, which can strongly interfere with the synthesis of bacterial protein. It can be absorbed orally rapidly and is not easy to produce drug resistance. It is a new broad-spectrum antibiotic [全文]


Is it really useful to eat L-carnitine to lose weight?

  I often hear some friends say they are eating L-carnitine to lose weight. When they ask whether they are thin, many shake their heads. In fact, eating L-carnitine to lose weight is really useful?  L-carnitine is a compound in our body, which can promote [全文]


Learn about L-carnitine, look at science, and then decide if it's right for yo...

  If taken correctly, can L-carnitine promote your training and improve your physique? In the gym, this means more endurance and greater pumping. In the mirror, imagine that you have more muscle and less fat. No matter how much you know about L-carnitine, [全文]

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