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Does L-carnitine supplement have side effects?

  At a reasonable dose, this supplement has few side effects. High doses can cause nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Rare side effects include muscle weakness in patients with uremia and seizures in patients with epilepsy.  So just ensure t [全文]


Function and efficacy of L-carnitine

  L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. When used correctly, it generally has no toxic and side effects on the human body. Its main functions and effects include reducing weight, enhancing endurance and anti [全文]


The development of domestic L-carnitine market should follow the development s...

  L-carnitine, also known as L-carnitine, is a vitamin like nutrient found in animal tissues, plants and microorganisms. L-carnitine, as an important nutrient in human body, can be obtained in two ways. First, the human body can synthesize L-carnitine by [全文]


Veterinary medicine knowledge application of florfenicol in the treatment of va...

  Florfenicol is also known as fluoromethylsulfonomycin and fluprofen. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic specially used for amide alcohols. Monofluoro derivatives formed by fluorination of thiamphenicol are very soluble in dimethylformamide, methanol and [全文]


Florfenicol is good, but we must pay attention to these five misunderstandings!

  Florfenicol is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which has a good inhibitory effect on Gram-positive and negative bacteria. Therefore, many pig farms frequently use florfenicol to prevent or treat pig diseases in the case of frequent diseases. Veterinarians [全文]

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