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Recruitment position

Recruitment position

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1. Chemical Engineer

operating duty:

1. Organize the personnel of the project team to implement various technical development work and technical cooperation development projects, and complete various development tasks according to the requirements of quality, cost and progress;

2. Complete the product technical standards and standards related to various raw materials, finished products and production processes;

3. Conduct project initiation, phased review of project R & D, product identification and review of technology application;

14. Cooperate to solve the technical problems encountered in the company's new product development, technical breakthrough, production process and product use in the market;

5. Assist in technology application, technology achievement promotion and customer training;

6. Maintain, clean and disinfect laboratory instruments and equipment, and keep the working environment clean and safe.


1. Bachelor degree or above in chemical engineering and chemistry;

2. Production and research experience in pharmaceutical and chemical plants is preferred;

3. Have solid knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry and be familiar with production and operation processes;

4. Have the ability to handle and analyze production abnormalities;

2. R & D Specialist

operating duty:

1. Optimize the production process, improve the product performance index, develop the application of existing products in new fields, improve the output and reduce the cost;

2. Handle, coordinate and solve the technical problems in the R & D project, regularly analyze and summarize the project, and provide decision-making suggestions for the R & D project;

3. Prepare relevant technical data of the R & D project, and declare and maintain intellectual property rights.

4. According to the project arrangement of the project leader, conduct literature research, determine the process route and formulate the process research scheme. After approval, carry out process development, condition exploration and other work, and make experimental records;

5. Under the guidance of the project leader and team leader, complete the process optimization experiment and complete the experimental research summary;

6. Be responsible for the research of drug preparation process and quality standards;

7. Be responsible for the review of prescription process changes, daily records and quality deviation analysis in the drug production workshop;

8. Be responsible for the verification and implementation of production equipment, process and cleaning, as well as the feedback and improvement of process and market;

9. Be responsible for the application of workshop process, equipment principle, supplement of laws and regulations, etc;


1. Bachelor degree or above in biology, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical analysis, polymer materials and other related majors;

2. Relevant working experience in pharmaceutical enterprises, familiar with workshop equipment and R & D knowledge or R & D experience is preferred

3. Master good professional basic knowledge, be familiar with the operation of drug inspection equipment, and master the use methods and experimental technology of common instruments in the laboratory;

4. Have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently, have good understanding and interpersonal skills, and have team spirit;

3.Safety Officer

operating duty:

1. Be responsible for the safety inspection of the company, timely supervise and urge the rectification of potential safety hazards, timely report major potential hazards, and have the right to stop violations;

2. Organize the company's safety education, training and management, and establish and improve the safety, fire protection, environmental protection and occupational health management system;

3. Supervise and urge the daily safety and fire fighting work, organize and carry out regular and daily safety inspection, correct unsafe behaviors and phenomena on site, find potential safety hazards, and urge relevant departments to rectify in time;

4. Be responsible for the management, planning, arrangement and inspection of safety, fire protection, environmental protection and occupational health of new, reconstruction and expansion projects

5. Establish all accounts of safety and fire control, and complete other work handed over by leaders;


1. College degree or above, major in chemical engineering and safety engineering management;

2. Be familiar with safety management knowledge of chemical industry and relevant safety professional technical knowledge;

3. Good production safety awareness and compliance awareness, and can effectively identify safety production risks;

4. have been engaged in on-site safety management for more than 1 year, and have a registered safety engineer certificate is preferred;

5. Abide by the company's rules and regulations, have the ability to deal with emergencies, and be hardworking;

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