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Green production

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Industrial production not only promotes economic development, but also pollutes and destroys the environment. As a large manufacturing country, China has actively promoted new green production methods aimed at energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution reduction. A number of factories with backward production capacity and unqualified environmental protection have been shut down or rectified. At the same time, hundreds of green factories and green parks have sprung up everywhere, and endless green products have come to the market.

Green manufacturing makes mountains greener and water clearer! By 2035, China will widely form a green way of production and life. After reaching the peak, carbon emissions will decline steadily, the ecological environment will fundamentally improve, and the goal of building a beautiful China will be basically achieved.

With the vision of "becoming a domestic high-end biotechnology strategic partner", kunzheng biology shoulders the corporate mission of "being responsible to employees, enterprises and society", and strives to be a famous biotechnology expert in China! Although it is a heavy industrial park, the high tech Zone has changed the design mode and concept of the traditional industrial park in the past, set an environmental protection access threshold for the entry projects, and encourage enterprises to build green factories with the characteristics of "intensive land use, clean production, recycling of waste and low-carbon energy".

Ningxia kunzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that meets the new requirements of the park. The L-carnitine technology developed by Ningxia kunzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has solved the world problems of the industry, and there is no discharge of wastewater, waste gas and waste residue in the product production process, and there is no "three wastes" to be treated.

Statistics show that the industrial sector contributes more than 40% of GDP, but the environmental pollution emissions also account for 2 / 3 of the national total. At present, China has the largest number of industrial parks in the world, and the industrial sector is mainly concentrated in industrial parks. Therefore, the green development of industrial parks is very important to environmental protection. Nowadays, there are more and more industrial parks that attach importance to green development like the pharmaceutical and Chemical Industrial Park of Taiyangshan Development Zone in Wuzhong City.

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry park of Wuzhong Taiyangshan development zone is one of the first batch of national green industry demonstration bases. The development zone takes the lead in realizing "zero emission" and "carbon neutralization" in the park, and creates an original green industry index evaluation system. The system covers six major indicator categories of green degree, including industry, resources and energy, infrastructure, ecological environment, technological innovation system, operation service and management, which provides an important basis for deepening the working mechanism of green industry construction.

Green Park is an industrial cluster with green manufacturing, smart management and livable environment, which comprehensively reflects the green management requirements such as energy efficiency improvement, pollution reduction, recycling and industrial chain coupling. In 2016, the state began to create green parks. As of October 26, 2020, 172 industrial parks have been selected as green parks of the Ministry of industry and information technology. These national green parks include high energy consumption parks dominated by steel, building materials, petrochemical and other industries, as well as low energy consumption parks dominated by energy conservation, environmental protection and high-tech industries.

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