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Is it really useful to eat L-carnitine to lose weight?

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  I often hear some friends say they are eating L-carnitine to lose weight. When they ask whether they are thin, many shake their heads. In fact, eating L-carnitine to lose weight is really useful?

  L-carnitine is a compound in our body, which can promote the oxidation of fatty acids to produce energy. However, it can not directly decompose fat, but only act as a vehicle.

  Ordinary people can obtain sufficient L-carnitine through their own synthesis and daily diet (such as livestock meat, poultry meat, fish and dairy products). Human muscles also have enough free carnitine at rest. Only when the human body consumes a lot of energy and the original L-carnitine in the body is not enough to transform fat, the supplement of L-carnitine is effective. If you don't exercise, eating L-carnitine alone is not effective for weight loss.

  In short, losing weight is not as simple as eating L-carnitine. More importantly, follow the concept of healthy life, pay attention to scientific diet and exercise methods, improve diet and living habits, face it with an optimistic and positive attitude, and strive to control your weight in order to gain health.

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