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Florfenicol works well with what drugs?

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  Florfenicol is commonly used to treat cough and wheezing in pigs. For example, when pigs have pleural pneumonia and mycoplasma pneumonia, florfenicol and Maxing Shigan injection can be used for injection. For severe cough and wheezing in pigs, florfenicol can be used with tilmicosin injection. Of course, florfenicol powder and doxycycline powder can also be used for prevention, or florfenicol powder and mycogen can be mixed, As a treatment and prevention of cough and wheezing in large groups of pigs.

  What most pig farmers don't know is that florfenicol belongs to chloramphenicol drugs, which can not only treat pig cough and wheezing, but also treat pig diarrhea. Florfenicol powder and neomycin powder, or florfenicol powder and myxobacilli powder can be used to treat pig bacterial diarrhea.

  Precautions for using florfenicol:

  1. When using florfenicol injection, do not dilute it with aqueous solution, such as astragalus polysaccharide injection or sodium chloride solution or dexamethasone injection and Aminophylline Injection. Once diluted, florfenicol will crystallize and reduce the curative effect. Florfenicol injection can be mixed with tilmicosin injection.

  2. Florfenicol injection is an oily drug and cannot be injected intravenously,

  3. Florfenicol has embryotoxicity. Pregnant sows cannot be injected and mixed, which will cause stillbirth of sows.

  4. Florfenicol cannot be mixed with cephalosporin and penicillin, but can be used separately at the same time.

  The above contents are the collocation and use methods of florfenicol commonly used in pig farms. At the same time, we should also pay attention to compatibility taboos and precautions. So much to share today.

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