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The development of domestic L-carnitine market should follow the development strategy of flattening and directness

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  L-carnitine, also known as L-carnitine, is a vitamin like nutrient found in animal tissues, plants and microorganisms. L-carnitine, as an important nutrient in human body, can be obtained in two ways. First, the human body can synthesize L-carnitine by itself. L-carnitine biosynthesis in human body is mainly carried out in the liver, which requires two amino acids, three vitamins (niacin, ascorbic acid and vitamin B6), as well as Fe2 + and molecular oxygen. Secondly, the human body can absorb L-carnitine through diet. L-carnitine in the diet mainly comes from animals, with meat and dairy products being the most abundant, while vegetables, fruits and cereals contain little or no L-carnitine.

  Shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out that L-carnitine is the basic composition of microorganisms, animals and plants, and has a variety of physiological activities. Clinically, it can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases with renal dialysis, liver diabetes with acute ammonia poisoning, coma and nervous system diseases. It can also be used as food and beverage additives and feed additives. The lack of L-carnitine in the body will cause some diseases. As a "conditional nutrient element" in the body, L-carnitine has a wide range of applications and has great potential market demand. It is increasingly attracting people's great interest and attention. Countries all over the world are actively developing its preparation and application.

  For L-carnitine hydrochloride enterprises, if they want to achieve rapid and stable growth, it is not enough to rely on the sales mode of personnel alone. L-carnitine hydrochloride enterprises need to change the sales mode and establish sales channels suitable for industrial characteristics and their own strength. To have a planned construction and development channel, we first need to clarify its channel development strategy.

  Generally, channels can be divided into four categories by level: zero level channel, first level channel, second level channel and third level channel. The length of channel selection is closely related to the characteristics of the business itself, the supply of market channels and the enterprise's own management ability.

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