Tommy V Cancer – The Book

Tommy V Cancer is the roller coaster tale of my battle against inoperable stage four throat cancer.

The book started like as a blog. A blog I kept to chart the course of my journey through diagnosis, treatment and recuperation.

Please bear in mind that a lot of these blog entries were written when I was in pain, depressed, scared – or all three at once.

It’s tough to keep on top of your craft when you’re terrified that the next day could well be your last.

The book is available in both Kindle ebook and paperback formats. You can get your copy here:

In the UK…
In the US…
In Australia & New Zealand…

At the time of writing, Tommy V Cancer has 32 five-star
on Amazon. Here’s what people have been saying…

“For anyone at the beginning of their cancer treatment this is a warts and all account of what’s in store but the book is a good read for anyone, whether you’ve been touched by this terrible disease or not. Read, cry…then buy all of Tommy’s other books!”
Bev Humphrey

“It’s a tough read, but still uplifting and amusing in many places, in no small part due to the sense of humour and sheer will power of the patient involved, children’s author Tommy Donbavand. Fortunately he’s also a great writer, so this is a highly readable account. Even if a tough one at times. Can’t recommend this book highly enough. Read it if you can.”
Vivienne Dunstan

“This is a book which needs to be read, and perhaps recommended by doctors to their patients so that they will be able to prepare themselves for what’s to come. I recommend this book – read it!”
Caroline Roche

“It’s horrific, funny and scary in equal measures, but above all it’s honest. It is a fascinatingly honest account of Tommy’s journey from before diagnosis to now. I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anyone diagnosed with, or who knows someone diagnosed with, the demon in the title.”
Andi Glen Euridge

“While the promise of an honest ‘warts and all’ diary of a journey through cancer could sound like awful reading, Tommy’s dark humour and wit makes this an incredibly inspiring and uplifting read. A fascinating insight to a subject no one ever wants to experience themselves, but hopefully also a comfort to those that do go on to suffer, or know someone that is suffering from this horrible disease. A fantastic book by a fantastic author – buy it!”
Si Drew

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